Special Hooks & Forging

  Special Requirements?  Give us the opportunity to work with you to provide the special forgings you require.  We also invite you to stop by our shop to see our skilled craftsmen at work, forging the finest hooks in the world. 

Independent Testing

  Quality Control  is assured by an independent, fully qualified and certified testing laboratory.  A full range of tests and certifications can be provided at your request.  Strict internal control of material certification is maintained by CAMFORGE.

Crane Hook - Start to Finish!

Camforge Inc.

Custom Forgings

Forging Assures Integrity

  • CAMFORGE  crane hooks and other custom forgings are produced in alloy and carbon steel by the traditional "Open-Die" FORGING method.  This process allows us  the flexibility to produce a customized product to fit your exact requirements.

  • Each forging operation begins by utilizing a billet of sufficient size to insure ample forging reduction and material refinement.

  • Hammer forging, bending and heat treating further refines the material structure and provided a grain flow that follows the neutral axis of the hook

  • A long standing dedication to quality and safety guarantees our customer a product of super strength and integrity.  Our forging capacity is 2,500 lbs. (billet weight)

Fully Equipped Machine Shop 

  • In-house machining capabilities can provide a fully machined hook or other product to fit our customers' exact requirements.  Forging can be supplied rough-machined as well.  Eye hooks are line bored and, when required, fitted with bushings.
  • The ability to manufacture our products from start to finish assures our customers a quality finished hook or a related forging from a single source
  • At Camforge, finished products and all machined surfaces have a protective coating applied prior to being packaged in a custom hardwood shipping box.  The unique and careful handling of our product is just one final task we take pride in, assuring that the quality product ordered is received in top quality condition.

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